Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts

About Us

Mission Statement:

The Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts exists to help promote great art by granting scholarships to young, aspiring instrumental and vocal students. In so doing, the Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the Arts and to encourage schools and teachers in supporting the artistic dreams of students throughout the Bay Area.     
​Y.E.S. (Youth Excellence Scholarship) Foundation for the Arts is 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.   

A Letter From the Founder:

​It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts website. I will give you a brief report of who we are, what we are about and how and why we were formed.In October 2004, I created the Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts, with the purpose of helping young artists achieve their goals of a musical career. Having been a singer and actor for many years, since 1952, I understand the struggles, disappointments and also the joys of reaching for a star in the theater world. In looking back, and certainly with no regrets, I had often thought how wonderful it would have been had I been able to have the opportunity of applying for a scholarship. Even though there were many scholarships available, I was, unfortunately, either too young or too old to fit the categories, a frustration I carried with me for many years. However, having achieved a certain status of accomplishment throughout the years, my life’s dream was beautifully fulfilled and now I can look back on so many successes and beautiful experiences.Over the years, I have encountered many young artists who were struggling to make ends meet while pursuing their dreams of a career in the entertainment field. My heart always went out to them but I was very busy attaining my own goals. Years later after “retiring,” I wondered what I could do to help young artists and decided on becoming a member of organizations helping young people. Eventually I realized that I would be much happier starting my own organization and dedicating it to the memory of my mentor, Mr. Stewart Brady, who was one of the greatest singing teachers of his generation.Having wonderful resources from which to draw, I formed a board of directors comprised of people with the highest standards and integrity who are as cooperative, loving and motivated as I. We are unified in our purpose of assisting young artists through the annual Stewart Brady Competition.Each year the competition awards the Stewart Brady Scholarship to the first-place vocal winner and the Lawrence Bedini Scholarship to the first-place instrumental winner. Second-place winners in each category also receive a cash prize. Additionally, judges have discretion to present one or more Margaret Brady Study Grants to candidates showing great potential and promise. The total of all awards each year is more than $10,000.00. This season, judges will determine winners at the Stewart Brady Competition Finals, which will take place on February 24, 2008. In fact, for more complete information about this year’s competition and access to downloadable application forms, be sure and click on the Competitions link above. What joy it gives me knowing that my dream of helping young artists is a reality.You, too, can participate in helping young artists by becoming a member of our Foundation, because your membership assists us in nurturing the growth of our musical tradition. If you have not yet joined, you can use the convenient Join feature of this website to do it today. I welcome the opportunity of visiting with you and your friends at our upcoming events.

Lawrence G. Bedini, Founder (b- 2010)
Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts Founder